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Transfer to CMA Quality International

If your organization is looking for better customer service, local qualified auditors or simply looking to get a better value for your payments. We at CMA believe our clients deserve great service and exceptional value. That means we will perform certification audits that help to improve your organization as well as meeting the requirements of your chosen standard. That also means we want to be your key partner in this process. We’ll always remain objective in our certification processes.

Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to obtain the required information (if not already supplied) and then you will receive a quotation within 24 hours.

After signing off the certification agreement, CMA will need to evaluate the transfer based on the documents and evidences submitted.

A CMA Representative will contact you to schedule the appropriate audit activity. Typically, there is no additional audit time required and CMA will continue the Certification cycle as establish with the previous CB.

There is no cost and no additional actions for your organization when transferring to CMA Quality International, ONLY BENEFITS!

Please contact us with your query.