[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”TRAINING COURSES AND CURRICULUM” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]1. Day 1- Aerospace Industry – Familiarization and Awareness – History, Requirements, Development

This One day presentation workshop is designated to everyone working in the aerospace industry, new entrants’ organization, as well as personnel joining aerospace industry from commercial industries and willing to become aware of the industry specifics. The course is designated to all organizations levels, from management to operators. The current AS9100D requires that all operating personnel in an aerospace manufacturer to be aware of the industry and her/his support and implications.

This course is a starting day on a five days aerospace type courses: 1 day – 8 Hrs

2. Day 2- Quality Management System – Actual QMS requirements; Transition from ISO 9001 to AS9100

This course is focused on organizations looking to upgrade QMS to Aerospace AQMS standard and enter in the aerospace industry. This course provides comprehensive information on setting-up the Quality Management System, latest revision (ISO 9001:2016 and AS 9100 D). The course provide key changes in the two Standards for the latest revisions, ways to effective implement and monitor effectiveness, new areas and perspectives introduced by latest revisions, with the scope of rising awareness of persons willing to implement the new Quality Management Systems, or to upgrade from ISO 9001 to AS9100 D, conducting to smooth pathway for AS 9100 D certification.

This course is a Day 2 course on a five days aerospace type courses: 1 day – 8 Hrs

3. Day 3 – AS 9100D Effective Management and Maintenance of AS9100D and meeting requirements

Based on the Third Party auditing experience of aerospace organization transitioned to AS9100D, CMA presents this course as a hands-on and practical summary of methodologies which will assure organizations AQMS to continue developing current system and to maintain compliance to AS9100D requirements This course is a summary of detailed information on ways to achieve and maintain a healthy AQMS.

This course is a Day 3 course on a five days aerospace type courses: 1 day – 8 Hrs

4. Lead Auditor Course – AS9100 D

This course provides comprehensive instructions and hands-on exercises for becoming an reliable lead ( or internal) auditor within the organization, by adding skills for auditing aerospace quality management systems (AQMS) and follow the process of internal audit programme, using similar process as third party auditors (certification); The course includes details from start-up and preparation of the audit up to completion through the corrective action effective implementation process and presented conclusions to the management. The course is focus on hands-on examples to develop auditing skills to the trainees.

The course may be extended to Saturday if required, making the course for 2.5 days (as the presented material is very condensed and practical exercises may be extended)

This course is a Day 4&5 course on a five days aerospace type courses: 2 (2.5) days – 16 (20) Hrs

5. Configuration Management Control and Risk Management, Responsibilities and Mitigation

This course provides comprehensive instructions for understanding systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational /manufacturing information throughout its life. The risk portion provides comprehensive instructions for understanding risk process, identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

1 days – 8 Hrs

6. Root Cause Investigation, 8D’s, 5 Why’s

This course provides comprehensive instructions for understanding and eenhancement of problem solving effectiveness by providing a model for more deeply analyzing problem situations and will promote the ability to provide problem-solving support in situations where one is not an expert in the process or technology involved

1 day – 8 Hrs

7. FAI (First Article Inspection) – New Product Introduction

This course provides comprehensive instructions for understanding the formal method of providing a measurement report for a given manufacturing process and completion of AS9102 as required by customers. Includes hands on FAI completion exercise.

1 day – 8Hrs

8. GT&D (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)

The course of Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) provides expert training to organization employees to read, interpret and analyze customer drawings and specification in order for the supplier to find a positive and meaningful understanding to manufacture to customers specification around the world.

1 day – 8Hrs

9. Human Factor In Aviation Maintenance (HFIAM)

This course provides comprehensive instructions for understanding the overall goal of Aviation Maintenance human factors research to identify and optimize the factors that affect human performance in maintenance and inspection.

1.5 days – 12 Hrs

10. How to make more money with ISO –based Management System ?

An interactive presentation offered to senior management who have P&L responsibilities.

1 day 4 Hrs. course (10 am to 2 pm) lunch included[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]