CMA Quality International Mission

CMA Quality International Inc. operates to provide certification services and mutual recognition worldwide and participate in the advancement of Quality,

CMA Quality International Inc. will update our clients with innovations/updates/changes in the standards, approval systems within the scope of CMA’s activities and general quality issues that are of interest to the general public.

CMA Quality International Quality Policy

CMA Quality International Inc. will provide professional services and training activities with a trained and qualified professional team, with the emphasis on providing services to all clients with high degree of accuracy and reliability, without bias, and maintaining strict professional and personal ethical rules and controlling information confidentiality,

CMA Quality International Inc. is focused on continuous improvement of the employee’s professional ability through relevant training and courses.


CMA Impartiality Policy is:

CMA Quality International is determined to be impartial and be perceived as impartial, which will build our customers’ confidence in the certification decision.

CMA impartiality is based on active reviewing of all potential threats, followed by risk assessment and mitigation actions on regular basis.